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No rainy day fund? Cover life’s expenses and enjoy peace of mind with 0% interest advances so that you can focus on what’s really important.

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Track your expenses

Monety creates in seconds a personalized budget based on your spending to help you plan for monthly expenses and stay in control of your money. Know your average spending on fuel, groceries, entertainment, among others…

Avoid unexpected fees

We’ll alert you when your spending is high or when a low balance puts you at overdraft risk. On average, banks charge users $350 a year in overdraft fees.

Monety membership costs $1 per month.

Boost your budget

We’ll give your budget the boost it needs at 0% interest. Stuff happens — and we believe in helping you avoid abusive lenders while you take care of life’s expenses. Advance up to $500 when you need it, without interest or a credit check.

We care about your security

We’re committed to keeping your data protected. Monety uses the latest encryption technology to secure your information.

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Covering your needs doesn’t have to be hard.

Monety has you covered!

No interest No credit check